How God Rekindled Me

I was born and raised in a Christian family and I attended church regularly year after year, just like other ‘typical’ Christians. Yet somehow, deep inside I did not feel any sense of belonging and connection to the church community. I had never shown any interest towards any church community/events/cell groups nor any sort of […]

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God had other plans

‘We are witnesses of God’s great work being done through you to us here at the Heldsbach Kindergarten Schools Project.’ – Project Coordinator Taningnao. Heldsbach, near Finschhafen on Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Huon Peninsula east of Lae, is a special place for people of the St Paul’s Hahndorf/Redeemer Nairne Lutheran parish in the Adelaide Hills. […]

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Our future is assured in him

I don’t remember a time in the church when we weren’t talking about the doom and gloom of the future. Shrinking congregations. Tighter finances. Scandals impacting the place of the church in society. The latest ‘discoveries’ regarding sexuality pushing the church to the margins. And the apparent supremacy of science and human reason over the […]

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