Helping our neighbours in their time of need

The Lutheran Church of Australia, through International Mission, has walked side by side for the past 20 years with the six million Lutherans of the churches and schools in Indonesia. We learn from each other, as well as provide support to one another as brothers and sisters, proclaiming the love of Jesus in our respective […]

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My Learning Journey

A Pastoral Care Nurse or Parish Nurse is a qualified nurse who has undertaken (or will undertake) some theological study in order to serve in holistic ministry in a congregation or church-related school or agency. When this ministry was first introduced in Australia, courses were offered through (then) Luther Seminary, including a Graduate Diploma in […]

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Lutheran family supports international neighbours

As the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded this year, LCA International Mission has kept in regular contact with church leaders from across our region, to understand their needs and determine the scale of the disaster they are facing. They also have been communicating with funding partners from across the world to coordinate any action the LCA […]

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But Lord, when did we see you sick… ?

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand (ELCT) is reaching out to the people living in the Nan province through healthcare. Nan province is a mountainous area northeast of Bangkok, bordering Laos. It is home to many Lua people, an ethnic minority group in Thailand. Dr Rovasoa Harivony Razafindrabe (who is from the Malagasy Lutheran Church, […]

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