From darkness into Christ’s light

Living in the physical darkness of the Indonesian rainforest and the spiritual darkness of the religion of their ancestors, the Suku Anak Dalam are a nomadic people from Sumatra who survive by hunting, foraging and trading. Otherwise known as the Sanak people, their name roughly translates as ‘people of the forest’. With no access to […]

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135 years of gospel in PNG

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Christians have marked 135 years since the gospel of Jesus Christ first landed on the PNG mainland, introduced by Lutheran Pastor Johannes Flierl at Simbang Finschhafen, Morobe Province, on 12 July 1886. The written and oral histories of how the gospel spread are beyond imagination: crossing high mountains, fast-flowing rivers and […]

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Small churches, big visions for Mission

The Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS) is a small church, with six congregations and a couple of thousand members. They do not break records when it comes to numbers. But God never worries about such things! Despite their size, LCS has enormous vision and commitment to mission, dedicating time and resources to outreach mission work […]

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