ALC partnership. A gift to our region

‘Every Lutheran Church in Asia should have at least one senior pastor who has trained at Australian Lutheran College [ALC]. Then you will have someone who knows confessional Lutheran theology!’ This was the heart-felt expression of an Asian bishop during a gathering of regional church leaders in 2019. ALC is recognised by our partner churches […]

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Blessed to follow God’s lead

Be careful of barbecue conversations, because you never know where they might lead! Especially if you are newly retired and have an open mind about where God might be leading you. This was certainly true for retired Openbook Publishers (formerly Lutheran Publishing House) General Manager Warren Schirmer, 73, and his wife Marianne, 69, when they […]

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No longer broken

‘I’m no longer broken!’ These words, spoken two years ago by a pastor who is a leader in an LCA partner church of 300,000 people in Indonesia, continue to touch my heart and remind me of the power of the gospel. As I began a four-hour seminar with leaders of that church, along with their […]

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Opening hearts to the gospel

In 2020, amid the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lutheran Church in the Philippines (LCP) began a mission at Tiaong, in the primarily agricultural area of Quezon Province, south-east of Manila. LCP had plans to begin its Biblical Vocational Lay Institute (BVLI) there, but a mission congregation arose first after Rev Antonio del Rio […]

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