Even dolls can tell of the love of God

When I was a missionary in Thailand, a Finnish missionary, Dr Lilja Kinnunen-Riipinen, taught drama at the Lutheran Institute of Theological Education in Bangkok. Every Lent, she directed a passion play – a drama of Jesus’ trial, suffering, and crucifixion performed by students and church members. One year, she had to cancel the play and was […]

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Cross-cultural exchange brings great blessings

With the support of LCA International Mission and the National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation in Indonesia (KN-LWF), Immanuel Lutheran College (ILC) from Buderim in Queensland developed a partnership with  HKBP SMP and SMA Secondary Schools (junior and senior high schools) in Parapat North Sumatra in 2017. We also connected with a disability service, […]

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PNG Synod an ‘Overwhelming Experience’

Attending the recent opening ceremony of the 33rd Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG) was an overwhelming experience – but not because it lasted approximately six hours or because there were an estimated 10,000 people present. Instead, what made this event overwhelming was that for the duration those attending celebrated […]

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Smiles again at Home of Praise

After such a long time living life in isolation in Thailand, we are pleased that many people have now been, or are planning to get vaccinated and that the number of COVID-19 infected people is decreasing. The evening curfew which lasted for many months, now no longer applies. The schools have started to reopen, we […]

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