About Hanna Schulz

Hanna has been serving as a linguist and Bible translation advisor in Papua New Guinea since 2012. After assisting various projects across the country, she started working with the Kope people of the Gulf Province in 2015. Hanna is learning Kope and assisting the community in their translation, literacy and discipleship. In January 2016 the Kope translation team started drafting the Gospel of Luke. Hanna is also supporting the neighbouring language community, Anigibi, as they adapt the Kope translation into their own language, as well as in their literacy efforts.

Hanna grew up in Morley (WA), graduated from high school in Naracoorte (SA), and considers the Ferryden Park congregation in Adelaide to be her home in Australia. Before moving into translation work, she worked in youth development on tall ships, working her way up to be first mate. Sailing, sewing, writing, community living, and quality time with her family and friends, are some of her joys in life.

Hanna Schulz is serving in linguistics and translation in Papua New Guinea.

Supporting Hanna

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LCA congregations who are in partnership with Hanna:
Bethania Lutheran Church, Qld
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Morley, WA
Burrumbuttock Lutheran Parish, NSW
Redeemer Lutheran Church Toowoomba, Qld
St John’s Lutheran Church, Woodside, SA
St John’s Lutheran Church, Naracoorte, SA
St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Ferryden Park, SA
Warrnambool Lutheran Parish, Vic

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Stories to inspire you

Thank you Hanna, for 10 years’ service!

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Sails, Symbols, Synonyms


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