God has wonderful ways of turning simple gifts into great blessings. The Lutheran Church of Australia’s Stamps for Mission project has raised nearly $506,000! All proceeds are donated to LCA International Mission programs and projects. This is possible due to the dedication of volunteers who collect, clean, package and sell the stamps.

Stamps for Mission was established in 1938 through the efforts of Pastor Ted Koch and Mr Ern Unger. Ern became the first stamp receiver and did this for the next 65 years, encouraging many others along the way. 2018 marks ten years since LCA International Mission (formally Board for Mission) took over the Stamps for Mission project from the Lutheran Youth of Australia. It is overwhelming to think how much money has been raised from those seemingly worthless used stamps. We thank God for His blessing through this project.

Preparing stamps

If you would like to join in God’s mission in this way, please post your used stamps to one of our wonderful volunteer stamp receivers (listed opposite). To make life easier for them, we’ve prepared some guidelines for you, as you prepare your stamps for them. Download the guidelines.

To print a poster which you can display at your stamp collection point download the poster here.

2023 Programs and Projects supported by Stamps for Mission

Pastor Murray and Tracy Smith, Papua New Guinea
Pastor Murray and Tracy Smith have been serving the people of Senior Flierl Seminary since 2022. Your support will enable them to provide much needed resource materials (books, pencils, paints etc.) for the kindergarten at Senior Flierl Seminary. These gifts of money bless the children with a foundation for their education (a privilege not available everywhere there). This, in turn, will help the government’s work, growing education in the towns and villages, as the men complete their pastoral studies and move out into their parish communities. The funds will also be used to purchase drum ovens, to assist the meri ladies fellowship in fundraising, by using baked goods to supply the student body and in training the women in financial management skills.

Lutheran Study Centre, Malaysia
Lutheran Study Centre (LSC) serves the Lutheran Churches in Southeast Asia by training pastors, lay members and other non-program students for service in their churches and in society. LSC provides library resources, translation and other study materials for use in the local churches and research purposes. The Malaysian indigenous community have been continually facing domestic violence and alcoholism problems. Your support will enable LSC to empower Indigenous women and youth through the publication of two books in the Bahasa Malaysia language: ‘Churches Say No to Violence Against Women and Children’ and ‘What the Bible Teaches About Alcohol Misuse/Abuse.’ The books will be distributed to the rural community women and youth during an awareness seminar that would be held in each region.

International Lutheran Seafarers’ Mission, Singapore
During the regular visits to the various sea vessels docked at the busy Singapore ports, International Lutheran Seafarers Mission (ILSM) staff continue to minister to seafarers, meeting some of their spiritual and physical needs by distributing small gifts, providing helpful Christian materials, helping them purchase items to bring home and contacting their loved ones. Especially during the times of the pandemic, with their 9-month contracts and a ban on shore leave, this provided a unique opportunity to serve the seafarers while respecting safe hygienic protocols. Your support enables them to minister God’s love and care for seafarers and give them some joy and respite from the harsh life at sea.

Ogelbeng seminary in Papua New Guinea
Ogelbeng Seminary, located in the Highlands province and run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG), is grateful to God for the generous support from the Stamps for Mission program. Together, we are training and equipping man and women for pastoral and leadership ministry within ELCPNG. Funds raised will be used to repair the seminary bus, which is a vital means of transport for the students. The seminary community has been without consistent power for two years. Some of the funds will therefore be used to install the genset, which will certainly enhance their program and the livelihood of those who live on campus.

Immanuel Orchestra- Music for Life Foundation, Thailand
The Immanuel Music School was established as part of the Immanuel Lutheran Church, Thailand’s outreach to the Klong Toey communities, which are areas heavily influenced by drugs and crime. Children and youth are involved in musical activities such as orchestras, choir, music theory and individual lessons on violin, viola, cello, guitar and piano. The young people then perform at events at embassies, international schools, shopping centres, private homes, foundations, worship services, restaurants, banquets and weddings. Your support allows the children to improve their academic skills, social development, self esteem and public expression.

LCC Sports Ministry, Cambodia
The Lutheran Church in Cambodia have 4 congregations, with each having 1 or 2 football (soccer) teams. The ministry includes gathering with the football team once per month to learn the Bible and then training with the team 5 times per week. Through this activity, they have noticed that the youth have become more active in church and their community. They are learning how to be humble and respectful toward their friends and leaders. They are learning to work as a team and share among their friends. They are learning how to get to know new friends in the church. Most importantly, your support provides an opportunity to share the gospel through the sports ministry.

Download the programs/projects flyer or contact the LCA International Mission office to request hard copies.

Need more inspiration?

Read these stories about our stamp receivers and the difference Stamps for Mission is making in God’s mission.


If you have any questions about Stamps for Mission, please contact Peter Nitschke, the national Stamps for Mission project director, on 0418 868 103 or at

Your Stamp Receivers

  • Arthur Schuster, A310 Greenway Views, 260 Soward Way ACT 2900 0407 956 537
  • Marie Bahr, 452 Kemp Street, Lavington NSW 2641 02 6040 7158
  • Marie Hamann, 39 Raymond Road, Springwood NSW 2777 02 4751 6502
  • Ruth MacConnachie, 16 Village Bay Close, Marks Point NSW 2280 02 4945 9728
  • Judy Calder, 130 Burwood Road, Christchurch NZ 8083 +64 3 383 0166
  • Eric Wilson, PO Box 2209, Milton Qld 4064
  • Noela Maynard, 75 Kirra Road, Maroochy River QLD 4561 0401 063 684
  • Andrew Cecil, PO Box 47, Littlehampton SA 5250 0439 881 771
  • Erica Bowden, PO Box 1926, McLaren Flat SA 5175 08 8383 0009
  • Joy Mules, Unit 36, 3 Conyngham Street, Glenside SA 5065 0414 997 411
  • Des Ottens, 7 Stephen Street, Port Lincoln SA 5606 0458 520 515
  • Geoff Roocke, 15 Chitunga Road, Eden Hills SA 5050 08 8278 3391
  • Jackie Standish, 7 East Parkway, Fulham SA 5024 0450 346 625
  • Sadie Voigt, 12 Stuart Street, Nuriootpa SA 5355 08 8356 3994
  • Don and Lois Collins, 184 Hamilton-Chatsworth Road, Hamilton VIC 3300 03 5572 5534
  • Ingrid and Klaus Harder, 29 Pearce Street, Wodonga VIC 3690 02 6024 3683
  • Marie Hill, 42 Park Hall Village Place, Wodonga VIC 3690 02 6059 7710
  • Shirley Jorgensen, 153 Katyil-Wail Road, Dimboola VIC 3414 0457 587 858
  • Burnard Nitschke, 22 Berkley Road, Ringwood VIC 3134 03 9876 3546
  • Cliff and Dawn Ziersch, Villa 52/58 Canna Drive, Canningvale WA 6155 08 9455 5608
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