God has wonderful ways of turning simple gifts into great blessings. The Lutheran Church of Australia’s Stamps for Mission project has raised nearly $506,000! All proceeds are donated to LCA International Mission programs and projects. This is possible due to the dedication of volunteers who collect, clean, package and sell the stamps.

Stamps for Mission was established in 1938 through the efforts of Pastor Ted Koch and Mr Ern Unger. Ern became the first stamp receiver and did this for the next 65 years, encouraging many others along the way. 2018 marks ten years since LCA International Mission (formally Board for Mission) took over the Stamps for Mission project from the Lutheran Youth of Australia. It is overwhelming to think how much money has been raised from those seemingly worthless used stamps. We thank God for His blessing through this project.

Preparing stamps

If you would like to join in God’s mission in this way, please post your used stamps to one of our wonderful volunteer stamp receivers (listed opposite). To make life easier for them, we’ve prepared some guidelines for you, as you prepare your stamps for them. Download the guidelines.

To print a poster which you can display at your stamp collection point download the poster here.

2024 Programs and Projects supported by Stamps for Mission

National Youth Conference, Myanmar
The four Lutheran World Federation member churches in Myanmar work cooperatively under the banner of the Federation of Lutheran Churches in Myanmar (FLCM). Active participation and encouragement of young people is the strength and unity of FLCM. Your support will enable a national youth conference to help FLCM grow their young people into wise and discerning leaders. The conference aims to empower these young people as they learn how to use their talents and gifts in the ministry of their local churches throughout Myanmar.

Cultivate Program, Australia and Malaysia
Cultivate is a discipleship and leadership program for young adults across Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. Through your support, participants will learn about different spiritual disciplines and church practices across cultures. They will be encouraged in their own spiritual formation and explore and use their God-given gifts in practical ministry in their local congregation or faith community. The participants from LCANZ and Malaysia will develop attitudes, skills and knowledge that foster healthy cross-cultural engagement and they will gain confidence in sharing the gospel with others.

Sekolah Tinggi Diakones HKBP, Indonesia
The HKBP Deaconess College in Indonesia trains young women to become deaconesses. During the week, the students study subjects such as theology, pastoral counselling and social science (including psychology and health science). On Saturdays they have practical study in the hospital and prison and with the elderly and children in the countryside. On Sundays, they teach Sunday school and sing with choirs in services at nearby churches. Your support will enable the college to produce graduates who have high character, dedication and reflect Christian values as they serve.

Ogelbeng seminary in Papua New Guinea
In 2024, Ogelbeng Seminary has an enrolment of 87 students, including 21 new students and 17 vicarage students (final year). Students are taught that if they work and serve for God’s sake, seeking excellence even in the smallest task and doing so for His honour, their work is important because they are building God’s kingdom. At the end of 2023, (after two and a half years without electricity) the genset was connected to the student houses, wife student classrooms, male student classrooms, the administration building, library, computer lab and the workshop. With your support, power will be connected to the teachers’, staff and mission houses.

Immanuel Music School, Thailand
The Immanuel Music School project was founded in 2000 by a Norwegian missionary couple in cooperation with the Immanuel Lutheran Church, Thailand. In 2015 the project expanded to include an orchestra and today it involves 70 children aged 7-18 in classical music activities: music theology, choir and individual lessons on violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar and piano. Through your support, music is changing the lives of hundreds of children who live in Khlong Toei, Bangkok’s biggest slum. They are introduced to Jesus and given alternatives to the drug and crime infested environment where they live.

LCC Sports Ministry, Cambodia
The Lutheran Church in Cambodia (LCC) pastors and evangelist team use sport as an effective tool to train, equip, and deploy committed Christian leaders for work with young people. This ministry is about sharing the gospel and equipping young people in Cambodia to understand their identity. LCC congregations provide training for 150 teenagers and young adults with a weekly Bible study and use Alpha as a tool to further connect with them. Twice a year, a sporting competition is held to bring together the athletes living in different provinces, teaching them to be united and to forgive and love one another.

Download the programs/projects flyer or contact the LCA International Mission office to request hard copies.

Need more inspiration?

Read these stories about our stamp receivers and the difference Stamps for Mission is making in God’s mission.


If you have any questions about Stamps for Mission, please contact Peter Nitschke, the national Stamps for Mission project director, on 0418 868 103 or at

Your Stamp Receivers

  • Arthur Schuster, A309 Greenway Views, 260 Soward Way ACT 2900 0407 956 537
  • Marie Bahr, 452 Kemp Street, Lavington NSW 2641 02 6040 7158
  • Marie Hamann, 39 Raymond Road, Springwood NSW 2777 02 4751 6502
  • Ruth MacConnachie, 16 Village Bay Close, Marks Point NSW 2280 02 4945 9728
  • Judy Calder, 130 Burwood Road, Christchurch NZ 8083 +64 3 383 0166
  • Eric Wilson, PO Box 2209, Milton Qld 4064
  • Noela Maynard, 75 Kirra Road, Maroochy River QLD 4561 0401 063 684
  • Andrew Cecil, PO Box 47, Littlehampton SA 5250 0439 881 771
  • Erica Bowden, 335 Kangarilla Road, McLaren Flat SA 5175 08 8383 0009
  • Joy Mules, Unit 36, 3 Conyngham Street, Glenside SA 5065 0414 997 411
  • Des Ottens, 7 Stephen Street, Port Lincoln SA 5606 0458 520 515
  • Geoff Roocke, 15 Chitunga Road, Eden Hills SA 5050 08 8278 3391
  • Sadie Voigt, 12 Stuart Street, Nuriootpa SA 5355 0493 171 924
  • Don and Lois Collins, 184 Hamilton-Chatsworth Road, Hamilton VIC 3300 03 5572 5534
  • Janet Dittrich, 31 Chippewa Ave, Donvale VIC 3111 0416 141 258
  • Ingrid and Klaus Harder, 29 Pearce Street, Wodonga VIC 3690 02 6024 3683
  • Marie Hill, 42 Park Hall Village Place, Wodonga VIC 3690 02 6059 7710
  • Shirley Jorgensen, 20 Thornley Street, Horsham VIC 3400 0434 420 310
  • Burnard Nitschke, 22 Berkley Road, Ringwood VIC 3134 03 9876 3546
  • Dianne Adams, 1 Alpha Drive, Currambine WA 6028 0448 942 652
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