Inspiring time of fellowship

Gramps Chapel at Tanunda Lutheran Home was the venue for the 2024 reunion of the Papua New Guinea Missionary Fellowship. On Sunday, 10 March, 85 members of the fellowship joined the congregation for a worship service that incorporated elements reminiscent of the mission experience, including the Lord’s prayer spoken in New Guinea pidgin. Former missionary […]

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Sober Spirituality

While the spiritual world of angels and demons may not be a regular topic of conversation among many Australians and New Zealanders, in other cultural contexts around the world, including that of Papua New Guinea, spiritual activity impacting human existence may be seen as part of everyday life. Lutheran pastor and seminary lecturer Mick Hauser, […]

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Leading in gospel integrity

Following a much drier rainy season last year and experiencing drought in Finschhafen, in Papua New Guinea’s Morobe Province, we are now in the middle of a very normal wet season. The dry meant that vital food production from student gardens has been delayed from March until an expected start in early July if the […]

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Joys and challenges of a new land and language

Greetings from our new home in Taiwan. Our family has been in Taiwan for six months. This has been both joyful and challenging. The joys have included: Fellowship with the other mission staff and with our brothers and sisters at Salvation Lutheran Church, Chiayi The friendliness of the Taiwanese people Experiencing this beautiful island and […]

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God prepares and provides

Genesis tells us that, in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and then made all the creatures. He prepared places for living things so that they were provided for through their environments. Fish have food and shelter and all they need where God has placed them. God not only prepared places for […]

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A love of learning and a life of serving

Retired Queensland educator Fred Stolz is penning his life story, which he’s called A Fortunate Life. ‘I don’t know why God has blessed me as he has, but I am very thankful’, says 87-year-old Fred as he reflects on his 54 years of service to education in Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG). The farmer’s […]

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