Harnessing the power and promises of prayer

Prayer is simply, by faith, the articulation of our heart’s response to that which begins in the heart of God. The Trinity are so intimately connected that their thoughts form the continual communion and community that is prayer. Their first recorded internal conversation and prayer (let there be light, let there be life) begins the […]

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Inspiring time of fellowship

Gramps Chapel at Tanunda Lutheran Home was the venue for the 2024 reunion of the Papua New Guinea Missionary Fellowship. On Sunday, 10 March, 85 members of the fellowship joined the congregation for a worship service that incorporated elements reminiscent of the mission experience, including the Lord’s prayer spoken in New Guinea pidgin. Former missionary […]

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A wow event for the good news

At the closing ceremony of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG) number 34 synod, with the handing on of the synod to ELC Siassi District, the hosts, ELC Immanuel District displayed sugar cane, green vegetables, and pigs – a picture of what God has blessed them with. The Ialibu mission station is […]

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Sharing food for the soul

Steam rises from slowly roasted peanuts and bodies are cooled from stifling heat with fresh-pressed sugarcane juice and coconut ice cream sundaes. Men and women use the tiers of the chan srak food containers to transport rice, a few dishes and a dessert as an offering to monks on behalf of deceased relatives, under the […]

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