Audrey (not her real name) who is serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators

In your prayers this month you’re invited to pray for:

– National Stamps for Mission Project Directors Peter Nitschke and Andrew Cecil, as God uses their efforts to further His kingdom and transform people with the gospel
– The LLL, who have a desire to see people put their confidence in Jesus alone and give praise to God, and so financially support LCA International Mission projects
– The Manawatu Lutheran Parish, New Zealand and Rumah Chrestus, Malaysia, as they share Jesus’ love with one another through prayer, communications, and shared news and resources
– The Lutheran Church in Cambodia, as they demonstrate their faith in Jesus Christ in their everyday life and in doing so, express his love to the staff and students from Tatachilla Lutheran College, SA
– Rev Dedi Pardosi and Rev Ana Tondang, who support the Komite Nasional Lutheran World Federation (KN-LWF), Indonesia Education Desk and the training of teachers who serve in Lutheran schools where students are reminded that none of our actions can justify us and that any good deeds we do are prompted by the Holy Spirit and are an outflowing of thanks for God’s faithfulness toward us
– Guidance as Audrey considers taking on a translation coordination role in their team and wisdom for their security committee as they review what is happening in country and if they need to make changes in how they operate
– The International Lutheran Seafarers’ Mission, run by the Lutheran Church in Singapore, who not only cares for the seafarers, offers a listening ear and concrete pastoral care in times of need, but also stands alongside them in practical actions


Join us in prayer

Prayer is a vital part of engagement in God's mission. Through prayer we hear God's voice, and he helps us to see people and situations the way he does.

You are invited to join in God's mission by praying for (and with) our partners in mission, month by month.

Earlier Calendars

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