Immanuel Lutheran College, Buderim, Qld and their partnership with SMA HKP and SMP HKBP, Parapat, Indonesia and the GKPS Community Based Rehabilitation Centre

In your prayers this month you’re invited to pray for:

– Children who attend Saturday Club (run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand Lutheran Diakonia department) in Northern Thailand, where they learn Bible stories and have the opportunity to grow vegetables, grill their own fish, play with Lego, make their own instruments, learn old stories and legends from their own tribes
– For continued unity and oneness of those living in Myanmar with different religions, ethnicity, race and colour, as they support and provide refuge for one another and strive for a safe community
– The LEA Ministry Conference and the opportunity for LCA International Mission to share how school partnerships open up conversations of faith, love and service with students in Lutheran schools
– Newly elected leaders of Huria Kristen Indonesia (HKI), Indonesia- Ephorus: Rev. Firman Sibarani and General Secretary: Rev. Hotman Hutasoit and of Gereja Punguan Kristen Batak (GPKB), Indonesia- Ephorus: Pdt. Ramses Pandiangan and General Secretary: Pdt. Darwin S Sihombing
– Immanuel Lutheran College, Buderim, Qld and principal Colin Minke and their partnership with SMA HKP, Parapat, Indonesia and principal Anne Situmorang and SMP HKBP, Parapat, Indonesia and principal Minar Sirait, and the GKPS Community Based Rehabilitation Centre
– The Lutheran Church in Cambodia City Church leadership Pastor Savoeun Muy and sister Sarann Duy, as they lead the teaching of Christian education taught to the hostel residents and the ministry to equip the Sunday school teachers and worship team
– Peace for Rev Dedi Pardosi, the Coordinator of Lutheran Study Centre, Indonesia, who is mourning the death of his mother and healing as he recovers from COVID-19


Join us in prayer

Prayer is a vital part of engagement in God's mission. Through prayer we hear God's voice, and he helps us to see people and situations the way he does.

You are invited to join in God's mission by praying for (and with) our partners in mission, month by month.

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