Taking steps of faith

What is the most effective and most faithful way to discern God’s will for our lives? We asked Audrey*, who serves with Wycliffe Bible Translators in partnership with LCA International Mission, to share her journey. For me, discerning God’s will has been a step-by-step process. It has involved regular times of being still before God, […]

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If not us, then who?

As a nine-year-old, Ian Kleinig watched a lantern slide show of New Guinean children being baptised under trees and he dreamt of being a missionary. It was God’s will that from 1948 he served as a missionary in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and that in 1966 Pastor Ian arrived in Madras (now Chennai) in India […]

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Spreading the Word

There are 7361 known living languages, including sign languages, in use in the world right now. However, readers of only 683 of these languages have the complete Bible available, with another 1534 languages having just a New Testament translation. While there is translation and/or linguistic development happening in 2658 languages across more than 170 countries, […]

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