Thanks with unceasing tears

My name is Mrs Reng Pa. I am a mother to four children, and I belong to Myanmar Lutheran Church. I also actively participate in the women’s ministry serving as one of women leaders from the Miza district of the Paletwa township in Chin State. I and my husband are farmers. Our daily survival depends […]

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New Life in Old Stamps

There’s special symbolism in a small wooden Christmas tree sitting in the local Lutheran church in the regional Victorian town of Nhill. Not only does it remind us of the birth of Jesus Christ, but this tree’s peculiar decorations also remind us of the new life Jesus brings. This is because the adornments completely covering […]

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Finding joy and learning on Saturday

Nan is located in the far north of Thailand on the border with Laos. The churches here are in various villages, some of them deep in the mountains. Simple bamboo huts are surrounded by playing children, dogs, chickens, roosters, and pigs. Most of the churches are very simple, but they all have a good atmosphere […]

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Learning to appreciate the vulnerable

My father was a businessman and my mother a housewife. They migrated from Guangxhou, China to Sandakan, Sabah. A good number of the Chinese residents in the town centre were Hong Kong migrants, and a Cantonese-speaking community had sprung up. My parents accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and became members of the Basel […]

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