What are you eating?

While we now, thank God, seem to be on the download curve in relation to Omicron, there is still a lingering sense of un-ease. The world as we knew it has not been returned to us, and we can feel – consciously or unconsciously – that we are living in an alien land. Everywhere we […]

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The Great Co-Mission

A lot seems to be made of mission. Complicated methods of how we should go about the Missio Dei are multiform, seeking to be true to the ‘Great Commission’ Jesus entrusted to the church. But at its heart, being in God’s mission doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as Paul’s exhortation: […]

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Traditional food of Kadazan Dusun in Sabah Serves 4  Ingredients Losun Chilli Salted fish Tomato Kantan flowers (etlingera elatior) Seasoning Water Cooking oil Method Heat the cooking oil, then add the salted fish. Wait until the salted fish is cooked. Add the white parts of the Losun vegetables and mix with the salted fish. Add […]

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