‘Border Crossings’ Issue 39

Please enjoy this issue of Border Crossings and read about how God’s love is coming to life through the word-and-action gospel work of our partner churches.

In this latest issue of Border Crossings, ponder with the women studying at Sekolah Tinggi Diakones HKBP about how the Holy Spirit transforms our hearts to want to create spaces of deep belonging; reflect with the Hills Lutheran churches on how incredibly rewarding it is to serve with our partners overseas; be updated on how Australians Mick Hauser, Cathryn Zarnke, Michael Lockwood and Murray Smith are joining God in his mission in Papua New Guinea and Taiwan; learn how Malaysians are growing in Lutheran identity with Rev Dr Andrew Pfeiffer;  be inspired by Josephine Matthias’ reflection of Global Worship organised by the Evangelical Jugend in Bayern; get to know Deacon Shwe Hla Win who is serving with the Myanmar Lutheran Church and more.

Please click on the links below to either read this issue of Border Crossings via a virtual page tour or download this issue in PDF format.
Read Border Crossings issue 39, August 2023 via a virtual page tour
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