Strengthening Lutheran identity in Indonesia

In mid-July, KN-LWF together with the HKBP, GKPA, GPP, HKI and GKPI congregations, organised a number of Biblical seminars on the theme of reconciliation. Over several days, Rev Matt Anker taught more than 200 participants, including pastors and deacons, inviting them to deepen their understanding of law and gospel. The law is filled with rules, […]

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Yearning to know more of God’s love

I am a Deacon of the Myanmar Lutheran Church (MLC), am married to Mrs Win Swe who loves God so much, and we have a daughter whose name is Rachael. My parents came from an animist background. They offered many sacrifices to the spirits whenever one of us became sick, even though my mother felt […]

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Bikpela Tenkyu

Early last year while he was on furlough, Pastor Mick Hauser visited Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Adelaide and shared a short presentation on his work in Papua New Guinea as a missionary teaching at Martin Luther Seminary in Lae. Members of the congregation were inspired by what they heard and with concern for the needs […]

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Leading in gospel integrity

Following a much drier rainy season last year and experiencing drought in Finschhafen, in Papua New Guinea’s Morobe Province, we are now in the middle of a very normal wet season. The dry meant that vital food production from student gardens has been delayed from March until an expected start in early July if the […]

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