The Great Co-Mission

A lot seems to be made of mission. Complicated methods of how we should go about the Missio Dei are multiform, seeking to be true to the ‘Great Commission’ Jesus entrusted to the church. But at its heart, being in God’s mission doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as Paul’s exhortation: […]

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Our future is assured in him

I don’t remember a time in the church when we weren’t talking about the doom and gloom of the future. Shrinking congregations. Tighter finances. Scandals impacting the place of the church in society. The latest ‘discoveries’ regarding sexuality pushing the church to the margins. And the apparent supremacy of science and human reason over the […]

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Serving in a Global Context

In our ‘modern’ world, a common perception is that we are able to connect globally more than ever before. Smart phones, satellites, cyberspace and airplanes make this an easy presumption. Nevertheless, is it true? The bible speaks of a connectedness that far outweighs our handheld devices and all manner of technological connectivity. READ: Matt 28: […]

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Have Faith in God’s Power

During a recent visit to Thailand, we were hosted by Pastor Tovo from Madagascar, who is serving as a missionary in the Nan province. As we pulled up to a roadside restaurant owned by a friend of Pastor Tovo, my colleague Erin asked him if the restaurant owner was a Christian. Tovo profoundly replied, ‘Not […]

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Bless those who hurt you

Some of you may remember a situation in which a Christian celebrity tried to ‘reach out’ to non-believers by posting a passage of scripture on social media that focused on God’s law – revealing the condemnation awaiting those who refuse to repent. Although his post included words of Scripture, do you think it was a […]

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To speak or not to speak?

St Francis of Assisi is often credited with having made one of the most influential comments about evangelism of all time. “Preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.” Although there is no evidence that he actually said this, it has become a popular catch cry and brought relief to those who […]

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