A Gift of Love

After almost 20 years of preparing birthing kits for women in rural areas of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Joan Kluge and her sewing machine are retiring. This article is a tribute to the wonderful contribution which Joan has made over the years, to the church and to our sisters in Christ in PNG. Joan became […]

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Guided to teach others  

Jesus’ love and guidance have always been evident in my life. Being adopted, God protected me and provided for me with a loving Christian family. My Mum and Dad, Helen and Ronald Zarnke, brought me to baptism at Peace Lutheran Church Gatton in Queensland, where I was adopted into my spiritual family. When I was […]

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God’s PERFECT plan!

Due to COVID-19 and its various restrictions, the usual distribution of birthing kits to the Highlands, Momase, and Morobe regions by ELC-PNG Lutheran Health Services (LHS) has been halted over the past two years. Upon the eventual arrival of our personal belongings to Logaweng (via Port Moresby and Lae) the number of packing boxes landing […]

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Computers needed for Lutheran Students in PNG

We take for granted the use of computers. They are part of our entertainment, everyday communications and work life. They allow us to readily find information and aid our learning. In Papua New Guinea (PNG) computers are not a readily available resource, even for those who are studying. Where access is available, it’s often in […]

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PNG Evangelist Carries on 50-year Mission

In the 1970s seven men from the Morobe province in Papua New Guinea (PNG) left their homes to take up government positions in Vanimo, the capital of the northernmost province of PNG, West Sepik, which is now known as Sanduan Province. In addition to their shared cultural heritage, these men – like most Morobeans – […]

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PNG Synod an ‘Overwhelming Experience’

Attending the recent opening ceremony of the 33rd Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG) was an overwhelming experience – but not because it lasted approximately six hours or because there were an estimated 10,000 people present. Instead, what made this event overwhelming was that for the duration those attending celebrated […]

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