Angels and Demons

Many Christians in the postmodern context find it difficult to believe in the existence of angels and demons or evil spirits. But in most Asian countries there seems to be a preoccupation with the supernatural realm. In most of the Asian polytheistic religions, we could observe a third element related to the supernatural realm – […]

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Sober Spirituality

While the spiritual world of angels and demons may not be a regular topic of conversation among many Australians and New Zealanders, in other cultural contexts around the world, including that of Papua New Guinea, spiritual activity impacting human existence may be seen as part of everyday life. Lutheran pastor and seminary lecturer Mick Hauser, […]

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God’s direction

I married Kasiani Lase in 2014. We have twins aged 4 years – a boy named Markel Hafide Sowua Ziliwu and a girl named Mirel Hagrasia Solai Ziliwu. They are in kindergarten now. I have two brothers and two sisters. They and their families are Christian and involved in church ministries in their congregation, where […]

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Caring for those who society rejects

Home of Praise nursery is a ministry operating under the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand Diakonia Department. It is located in the notorious Klong Toey slum, in central Bangkok. Dating back from the 1950s, Klong Toey is one of the country’s oldest and most well-known slums. Many inhabitants of Klong Toey originate from the country’s […]

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