Update from Chak Mun

Dear LCA sisters and brothers, Thanks to you for supporting me for the past six years in my mission work for the Lutheran Church in Cambodia (LCC). Next year, it will be my final year journey with them. It has been very difficult for the past two years due to the pandemic. Presently, my role […]

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Nothing too small for God’s faithfulness

Hoom came to ‘Home of Grace’ directly from a construction site. She was already in the seventh month of her pregnancy. The child’s father had gone his own way before Hoom even knew she was pregnant. She continued working until she could no longer cope with the physically hard work. Hoom called a helpline and […]

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Home is where our Lord is

As Australian Lutheran Mick Hauser reflects on his time in Papua New Guinea (PNG), many things fill his thoughts. He is married to Milka and they have a son, Kelly. And, while lecturing at the Martin Luther Seminary in Lae, Mick is also studying a doctorate part-time and preparing for ordination as a pastor. Life […]

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Will you mentor the young in faith?

Can you recall when you were 22? When you were beginning to balance responsibilities in a world that seemed to offer many possibilities? That’s how old Sanglura is. He’s on his phone, ready for an interview that will explore his life and new role as a youth pastor for the Lutheran Church of Myanmar (LCM). […]

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God does the impossible

My husband Michael and I were very surprised to read an email from Abdi Sabda Seminary in Indonesia, requesting that ‘Michael and Debbie Borgas help us with our English Program online’. We had no idea how our names were chosen, aside from the fact that prior to COVID-19, we had been in some discussion to […]

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