‘Border Crossings’ Issue 3

Please enjoy this issue of Border Crossings and read about how God’s love is coming to life through the word-and-action gospel work of our partner churches.

In this latest issue of Border Crossings, read about the ministry of the Lutheran Church in Singapore as they aim to maintain a healthy balance between the church’s missionary programs and the programs of the congregations; learn about the International Lutheran Seafarers’ Mission in Singapore; explore hospitality, hard work and passion as part of the partnership in mission in Cambodia from the Freeling Parish; cross cultural borders while being aware that our attitudes will shape our ability to communicate across cultures; be introduced to Giraffe in Singapore; and much more.

Please click on the links below to either read this issue of Border Crossings via a virtual page tour or download this issue in PDF format.
Read Border Crossings issue 3, July 2008 via a virtual page tour
Download Border Crossings in PDF format

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