Tangy Thai Salad

Serves 4-6 Ingredients 1 Lebanese cucumber (finely cubed) 1 small red capsicum (sliced finely) 2 cups of red cabbage (sliced finely) 1 ½ cups of white cabbage (sliced finely) 1 cup of grated carrots 1-2 small red chillis (chopped finely) 1 cup of unsalted cashew or peanuts 1 red onion (sliced finely) 2 tbls lime […]

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PNG’s big day out

It wasn’t only the Lutherans; the entire nation mourned when dearly loved Bishop Rt Rev Dr Wesley Kigasung died unexpectedly on 14 May 2008. Now the people of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG) have a new head bishop, Rt Rev Giegere Wenge, who was installed on Sunday, 7 March before a […]

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Crossing language barriers

By means of support through LBTA (Lutheran Bible Translators Australia), I am able to help other Bible translators in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu by working as a translation consultant. I also work with a team of Sudanese people here in Australia whose aim is to re-translate the Ma’di Bible. Questions I am frequently asked […]

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A place of hope

There are many words to describe the feelings you have when you visit, volunteer or work at Bethany Home in Malaysia, but for me the one word that is evident in the lives, in the words and on the faces of people, is ‘hope’. There can be a sense of hopelessness for many people struggling […]

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Faith in action

“Wokabaut wantaim bilong ol bilip manmeri insait long pasin bilong laikim” was the theme of the 27th Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (held between January 10 and 15, 2010). My understanding of Pidgin is limited but it didn’t take long to work out the aforementioned theme once I knew it […]

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