From shadows into Jesus’ glorious light

In a village where more than 95 per cent of people are baptised and actively involved in the life of the church, it would be easy for the local congregation to lose a sense of urgency about mission. But not so for the Lua people of Banden in Thailand’s Nan province. Knowing what it’s like […]

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Unstinting Service

Anne was born 20 June 1905 at Templin Queensland. Her early years were spent in the country with her parents, however when she was 9.5, she went to live with neighbouring families, taking their small children to school. Until the age of 14 she served in three different homes in this capacity and remained at […]

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Teaming up to live out mission goals

The members of St John’s Lutheran Church Unley in suburban Adelaide have supported a variety of mission ventures over the years. Some have travelled to Cambodia and India while others have engaged in building projects in Aboriginal communities. However, it was only in late 2019 that the congregation formed a mission team to oversee, encourage […]

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Day of Joy as the Lost Return Home

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘baptism’? There are hundreds of answers. Everyone has different images of what baptism means. In Japan, many people believe baptism is a ceremony you must go through to be a church member. Well, I don’t deny baptism has that kind of aspect. But this tendency to […]

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