Lutheran Shipping

Berthold Jaeschke served in Papua New Guinea between 1933 and 1966. While there, Bert was a captain and skipper of several mission boats. This is one of his letters about Lutheran shipping in Papua New Guinea.  Dear Friends, The boat station of our Lutheran Mission at Madang is situated on Craged Island, formerly known as […]

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Finding hope through the Home of Grace

Home of Grace is a safe refuge in Thailand for mothers-to-be and new mothers who have been rejected by their family or are in difficult situations and need shelter. At Home of Grace, women are provided with care, love, work training and counselling. They are supported in finding a good solution for themselves and their […]

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God’s PERFECT plan!

Due to COVID-19 and its various restrictions, the usual distribution of birthing kits to the Highlands, Momase, and Morobe regions by ELC-PNG Lutheran Health Services (LHS) has been halted over the past two years. Upon the eventual arrival of our personal belongings to Logaweng (via Port Moresby and Lae) the number of packing boxes landing […]

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A frightening Experience

Leslie Schirmer was born on April 23, 1907. He was the eldest of seven children and lived at Walla Walla. He left for New Guinea by boat in August 1934 (the journey took three weeks), after a commissioning service conducted by Rev. J.T.P. Stolz. Les worked on the mission ship BAVARIA, but he also helped […]

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