Give me land with a starry sky above

My birth, to Fred (Fritz) and Julie (or Jula) Mueller in the city of Reutlingen in southern Germany on 6 January 1925, occurred in the middle of the inflation widely experienced in that country during that period. It was an extremely difficult time for all so, after a few years, my father decided to emigrate […]

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Connected in sharing worship and life

Being a follower of Jesus is an invitation to a life of joy, peace and hope, but it can also be a journey filled with persecution and temptations to believe you are alone. So, when I was asked to join the organising team for the Mission EineWelt-run online Global Worship in 2020, I leapt at […]

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Growing in Lutheran identity

In August 2022 I received an invitation from Dr Wilfred John, director of the Lutheran Study Centre – Sabah, Malaysia, to teach at a conference with the theme, Lutheran Distinctives on Church, Ministry and Mission. Dr Wilfred is a former student at Australian Lutheran College (ALC) and a long-time friend of the LCA. The visit […]

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