God-shaped Servanthood

In Scripture, deacons are not ‘called’ (as pastors are) but are qualified by God and chosen by the church. The Greek word for deacon is diakonos and the word used for the gift of service is diakonia. The deacon’s office is the office of a servant. Sister Elisabeth did not think she was friendly or […]

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Schools blessed by overseas partnerships

As international borders began to reopen and Australians started to travel again, LCA International Mission offered staff representatives from Lutheran Education Australia schools with partnerships with Indonesian schools to travel together to Indonesia to re-establish personal connections and explore changes that may need to be made for future student visits. Two staff from Victory Lutheran […]

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A love of learning and a life of serving

Retired Queensland educator Fred Stolz is penning his life story, which he’s called A Fortunate Life. ‘I don’t know why God has blessed me as he has, but I am very thankful’, says 87-year-old Fred as he reflects on his 54 years of service to education in Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG). The farmer’s […]

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Kindness shared with vulnerable women in Malaysia

The Women’s Care and Counselling Centre (WCCC) is a service of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia (ELCM). The staff involved with WCCC reach out to women who are in vulnerable situations. Here, Deaconess Elizabeth Gopal shares the stories of four women who God gifted the WCCC the opportunity to care for. Approximately three years […]

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