Ria Limbong received a scholarship from Living Faith Lutheran Congregation to study in Australia at Grace College. Read her personal story and see what great progress she has made in her English. Australia…WOW! That was the first thing that stuck in my head when I knew I would come to Australia. I never thought that […]

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Living the Faith

Some four years ago Pastor Rob Erickson was involved in assisting the Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP) Seminary in Pematang Siantar, Sumatra, with English education. Pastor Rob was then the pastor of Living Faith congregation, Murrumba Downs in Queensland. Following discussions with Dr Willem Simamarta, from the HKBP, about standards of English in Sumatra, a […]

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Hospitality, Hard Work and Passion

I am a firm believer that the best, most enduring travel memories are formed largely by the people you meet along the way. The best way to experience another country and its culture is to meet people in their daily lives, to see the world from their perspective and to walk in their shoes for […]

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