Dalam Yesus Kita Bersaudara

What were our experiences in meeting young people and observing youth ministry in Sabah? We were challenged to learn new skills and build on established ones. We spent time with both the youth and their coordinators, sharing, through our translators, the similarities and differences between youth programs in Sabah and those in Victoria (eg Christian […]

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But I’ve Retired from Teaching!

This was one of the thoughts that first came to mind when Julian Pfitzner was asked to teach a three week English course for students at a seminary in Indonesia. Julian takes up the story… On 12 July, Glenice Hartwich asked me, if I and someone else, would be interested in taking a three week […]

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You’re part of this

Dear reader of this article: thank you! You might not realise it, but right at this moment God is working powerfully in Malaysia and Singapore – and you are contributing to that! Yes, that includes every one of us in the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand. A part of our weekly offerings goes […]

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Crossing Borders

Myriad thoughts and emotions are evoked by the new title of our mission magazine. There are elements of apprehension, uncertainty and even fear as we approach the unknown, but there are also elements of anticipation, expectation and excitement. That’s how it was for us as we planned for and made our own border crossing. For […]

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Unknown Territory

Crossing borders always brings a mix of emotions. On the one hand, the prospect of crossing a border stirs feelings of excitement and anticipation within me. I love travelling, I love exploring, I love discovering new things and growing through these discoveries… On the other hand, it also brings a certain fear of the unknown. […]

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In His Time

Thursday 11 January in Perth airport. It’s been such a long time, it seems, since I saw the children of Debora. I left there in late April, 2006, after my second visit and hoped to get back straight after Synod in Toowoomba – but it didn’t happen – it wasn’t God’s time. Sometimes it’s hard […]

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