Sharing and learning as partners

The Lutheran Church of Australia and many of its congregations have had a long history of working with our brothers and sisters in the Lutheran churches of Indonesia. Individual congregations have worked with specific churches there in supporting the work of Indonesian Lutherans with gifts, donations of money and equipment. The LCA has also had […]

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Faith brings Freedom and a Future

Ouan was the last remaining doctor spirit in the village of Ban Huay Tong, in Thailand’s Nan Province. Spirits exist in many forms in Nan and the common element they share is the possibility that they will become evil if they are not properly appeased. Therefore the placating of offending spirits plays an important role […]

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Making Christ Known

Not everyone is comfortable with sharing their faith. And the same could have been said for eight people from Ipswich Lutheran Church in Queensland, who travelled to Myanmar as part of their partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Myanmar (ELCM). Apart from the obvious language barrier – people from Myanmar speak Burmese, among other […]

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Awed and Inspired by Bethany Home Students and Staff

For the past 4 years, Good Shepherd Lutheran College, in Darwin, Northern Territory, have been sending a team to Bethany Home in Malaysia, with the view to establishing and building a relationship between the two schools. Bethany Home is a school run by the  Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia, and caters for students with disabilities. […]

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A Mission full of joy

In 2007, I had what some may call the good fortune to be able to retire early from my chosen career as an accountant. At first it was fun – a gentleman of leisure no longer accountable for how he spent his time. But after about 18 months the gloss started to wear off; there […]

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What lies down the track?

In the warm shadow of the overhead Bangkok highway, alongside the railway tracks slicing through the slum structures, in an area full of sights and smells most people go out of their way to avoid – lives Kainui. Kainui already wears his environment like outer clothes. Although 6 years of age, he has the size […]

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