Taste and see that our God is good

Anna Julian speaks with a quiet and deep confidence. It is a confidence that comes from a lifetime of knowing that Jesus loves her and that this love allows her to love and serve him. Anna has been involved in the translation for English speakers who travel to Myanmar for the biannual Women’s Bible Conference. […]

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PNG Evangelist Carries on 50-year Mission

In the 1970s seven men from the Morobe province in Papua New Guinea (PNG) left their homes to take up government positions in Vanimo, the capital of the northernmost province of PNG, West Sepik, which is now known as Sanduan Province. In addition to their shared cultural heritage, these men – like most Morobeans – […]

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Good News for newcomers to Singapore

In the 1980s, as Singaporeans made plans to build the tall infrastructure that fills their skyline today, many workers were recruited from other countries, including Thailand, to provide the labour. The Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore (LCMS) realised a need to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Thai people who were living and […]

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A deepening of faith in Cambodia

Cambodia is known as the “Kingdom of Wonder.” Part of this reputation comes from its many juxtapositions: it’s exhilarating and devastating, beautiful and challenging, poor and thriving. Visitors encounter the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, the effects of genocide in the 1970s, the quiet countryside, bustling cities—and the graciousness of the people. Amid this wonder, […]

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