Light in Dark Places

Thai Good News Centre held its last service in Golden Mile Complex, a popular hangout for Thai people, on Sunday 19 March 2023 due to the en bloc sale of the building. Bishop Lu was there to preside while Rev Terry Kee gave a sermon on the various responses of man to the gospel, and […]

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The One who brings peaceful dreams

There are many concerns and worries in life: our family’s day-to-day struggles, not having enough finances to pay for our living costs, the decline of those who are involved in worship services, the noticeable changes to the environment and the impact on God’s creation of our rapid population growth. While everyone has worried at some […]

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Absorbing life in New Guinea

I arrived in Madang in 1953. My very first impression was that everything seemed to be in technicolour, as all the colours were brighter and more vivid than in Australia. The hibiscus flowers were a brilliant red and yellow and the trees, palms and plants a very bright green, in stark contrast to the grey-green […]

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