Stamps for Mission Projects in 2012

Thank you to all those involved in collecting, cleaning and sorting stamps. In 2011, an amazing $7,679.39 was raised and an additional $3,094.09 was deposited in January 2012. These funds will be put to good use supporting these mission projects: Support for the 6 Lua evangelists working with Rev Simon Mackenzie in Nan Province of […]

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Stamps for Mission: an update

Most of us know about this innovative mission, where used stamps are cleaned, sorted and sold for the best prices, usually ending up overseas. Rita Seidel, a stamp receiver in South Australia, has been saving, cleaning, sorting and packing stamps since she was 15 years old. She is now 86. ‘For some years we have […]

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Saving Stamps helps fund God’s work

Congratulations to all who have helped to make the Stamps for Mission project so successful. Established in 1953, Stamps for Mission had raised more than $306,000 by the end of 2008. Sincere thanks to the hundreds who have been involved with this vital fund-raising effort, which God has bestowed wonderful blessings upon. Special thanks to […]

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