Stepping out of comfort zone to share Lutheran teaching

In December 2022, I had an opportunity to do some teaching in Jakarta, Indonesia with groups of Lutheran young people and pastors. I had previously taught Lutheran pastors from South-East Asia online, but this was my first experience teaching face to face in Indonesia, and through an interpreter. The Lutheran church in Indonesia is very […]

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sharing the love of Jesus among the young

Your generous financial donations support the Luther Study Centre, located in Indonesia. The Luther Study Centre was founded because the National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation (KN-LWF) was being asked by church members for more information about Luther’s teachings and Lutheran doctrine. KN-LWF realised that, due to the increasing development of new church doctrines […]

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Give me land with a starry sky above

My birth, to Fred (Fritz) and Julie (or Jula) Mueller in the city of Reutlingen in southern Germany on 6 January 1925, occurred in the middle of the inflation widely experienced in that country during that period. It was an extremely difficult time for all so, after a few years, my father decided to emigrate […]

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Connected in sharing worship and life

Being a follower of Jesus is an invitation to a life of joy, peace and hope, but it can also be a journey filled with persecution and temptations to believe you are alone. So, when I was asked to join the organising team for the Mission EineWelt-run online Global Worship in 2020, I leapt at […]

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Growing in Lutheran identity

In August 2022 I received an invitation from Dr Wilfred John, director of the Lutheran Study Centre – Sabah, Malaysia, to teach at a conference with the theme, Lutheran Distinctives on Church, Ministry and Mission. Dr Wilfred is a former student at Australian Lutheran College (ALC) and a long-time friend of the LCA. The visit […]

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The blessing of scholarships

Most people are not overly excited at the prospect of supporting scholarships for international partner churches. When it comes to mission work, it just doesn’t carry the same thrill that comes when we see pictures of missionaries reaching out to tribes in the jungles of North Sumatra, or the sense of ownership that comes from […]

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